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"I can see right through all the bleeding holes in you

I'm so used to what I've seen

And know all too well just what you mean

When you tell me how much it costs you

To get up

Where you now need to be

Because you don't just pay in currency alone…


You lose your self control

When this deception's taken hold

You feel no pain but what do you gain

When your life's been sold?


How low can you sink?

You don't even seem to think twice about this anymore

You've obviously done this before

You give yourself away

And you do it every day

And you try to make it quick but it still makes you sick


You lose your self control

When this deception's taken hold

Though you feel no pain but what do you gain

When your life's been sold?

Now, you're looking old.


Although you'd never been so scared

And on your own

You dared to confront this and go cold

But it was worse than you'd been told

So lying on the floor

Behind a public toilet door

You scraped together all you had left and met with death


Little boys

Like dangerous toys

Nothing exists today but me


I'm in your veins

I hold your reigns

Nothing exists today but me


It's in my veins

It holds my reigns

Nothing exists today but me



Still Life in Human everywhere

Haunted faces and vacant stares

Heads bowed in defeat

Resigned to the Grave

They will never awake or ever



Bit part actors in the Cabaret

Blink and you'll miss them

They never stay

People come and they go

And some have their effects

If they drain you of life

Quickly, press eject


The World is stuck on automatic

We could do with a little Magic

You should be proud of all that you are

There's no time to waste here

Be a Star: Disbehave


No, I won't do as I'm told

Try and make me do as I'm told

I'll do what I Will

Until I'm dead and cold

No, I won't do as I'm told


Hiding your light you're alone in the dark

Too shit-scared to ever make a mark

Denying all others the heat from your flame -

Well, where would we be if we all did the same?


Don't Murder Me I'm Drowning

I have no soul

All I had were lies

Insane, pathetic and cold

Which should come as no surprise

For unfounded fears

Stealing my time

Constricted and smothered me

But I'm not going to spend years

Constructing some ‘other' me


Wasting away, life went asunder

For day after day

The regime I lived under

Was suffocating and choking me

And stealing my time

But no more waiting for the day

When I will be mine


So, don't murder me - I'm drowning

In a sea of my own making

It's the only way to go

And I'm not on my own

Leave me to my vices

For no matter what the price is

I'm going to please myself

My darkest stars

And nobody else


Alter Me

I've made a hole here

So stick it in, dear

Fill me with joy and dissolve all my fear

No one can touch us when we're intravenous

Isolate my pleasure zones

I'm In Extremis

Alter Me

Take out my brains

Connect me to the mains

Electrify and fry me ‘til I'm flying again

A shock to their system

Then I can face them

Save me from the usual

The Pain and The Boredom


Help me, help me

Change my mind

Liberate me from the Daily Grind

You know I can't stand how I seem to be

Give me something that will alter me


Cut it off and shave me

And Make me a She

Progesterone and Oestrogen will save me You'll see

Put implants in there

Now I've something to bare

Finally I'm strong enough to do what I dare


Blank Canvas

Well, she's the Queen of Sores

The ultimate bore

Adopts little girls names to play her games

Has a boyfriend

Just for the weekend

Fucks his mates

And she's always late


No thoughts of her own

‘Cuz she just clones

Whatever he likes

That's what she likes

Bitter sixteen

Teenage dream

Petulant bitch

Thinks she's a witch


But she's a Blank Canvas


Takes her piercings out when Daddy's about

And pleases her Mum with her English and Sums

Lipstick Lezzer snogs

In the girls bogs

But won't go the whole way

Not today

Blank Canvas


I Don't Know Where You've Been

It's hard to resist my natural responses

They're beginning to show

I've got to stop this before it gets out of hand

I'm forgetting what I know

Keep your hands off what you can't afford

I can't risk my health

In exchange for what you're offering

I've got to think of myself sometimes


I didn't think the time would come

But here it comes right now

I'm not looking for a reason

Or someone to tell me how

I find myself here wondering if I should go on

And that if I gave in to you there's a chance I could be wrong


I don't know where you've been


There are countless others who have fallen for your spell

You should be locked up inside a prison cell

But I don't care about that and I don't care what I've seen

Judging by your fingernails and teeth

You're far from clean


I don't know where you've been

But I don't care where you've been



It Will All Come Back To You

You restricted my every thought and move

You cheated when you knew that you would lose

You opened a crack behind my back

You left me here and never came back


They preach and force their views

They've no respect

Ignorance and Selfishness

Have a negative effect

Now they're brutalised

With no appreciation for life

A fucking lethal combination


I hope it will all come back to you

Ten times worse than anything you could do

I know it will all come back to you


So many deaths in the name of one

One wrote a book in the blood of his son

One raped, tortured and killed a young single Mum

And one planted a bomb in a Gay pub in London


I hope it will all come back to you

Ten times worse than anything you could do

I know it will all come back to you



Give It To Me

I like to get something

For almost next to nothing if I can

There's not much that I would work for

Although if I'm in luck

I might get paid to suck

You should know that there's no one I would bleed for


I've got no integrity

If there's something that I need

I'll do anything I can

No time to waste on my hands


Give it to me


I'll take you in my hands

And hold as hard as I can

Until I get what I want

And I won't let go

Or I can make your day

But you'll have to pay my way

And there are some things that I don't swallow


Just give it to me

Look, just give it to me

You give it to me

I'll give it to you


Each Day You Die A Little Bit More

You want the spell to be broken

But you suffer under the curse

You want things to be better

So why do you make them worse?

You want your life to be easier

But you treat everyone like dirt

You want all your pain to go away

Well stop making yourself hurt


Your obsession with purely material gain

Is so retarded - don't you know?

It's about time that you realised, boy

You can't take it with you when you go

Do you ever think of anyone but yourself

Unless there's something in it for you?

A more selfish, conceited and hateful fool there's never been

Until you


It seems hard to take

And you'll think I'm wrong

You rarely hear the truth in popular songs

Go on like that until everything's sore

And each day you'll die just a little bit more


You've a choice in the end you see

You can live

Or you can just fuck up and die

Carry on behaving this way

Or admit that you're living a lie

But that admission requires some presence of mind

Something you evidently lack

Why don't you stick your gun up your arse?

How bulletproof is that?


It seems hard to take

And you'll think I'm wrong

You rarely hear the truth in popular songs

Go on like that until everything's sore

And each day you'll die just a little bit more

Just a little

Just a little bit

Just a little bit more



Cheap And Nasty

Don't know,
Don't care,
Don't think,
Don't feel,
I don't measure up,
I don't give a fuck,
I don't do anything real

But I want,
And I need,
I look,
And I touch,
Gimme a kiss,
And hold onto this-
I really love you very much…

Cheap and Nasty,
Just like Me.
Cheap and Nasty,
Just like you.

Hello, how are you?
Good, fine, yeah- whatever, right
What can you do for me?
What are you going to do for me?

Cheap and Nasty,
Dead and Empty-
Is anyone left here that cares?
Amongst the cold-hearted,
Stupid and vacant,

Cheap and Nasty,
Just like Me.
Cheap and Nasty,
Just like you.
Cheap and Nasty,
Just like Her.
Cheap and Nasty,
Just like Him.

Gimme a kiss and hold onto this-
I really love you very much.


See Her Smile

You bring her endless flowers but don’t listen to her,
You give her chocolates almost day and night,
Your conversation fails to interest her at all,
And you have to go outside to stop a fight

You don’t realise the things you do,
Assuming that she must love you,
Because if she didn’t she’d leave or tell you anyway…
See her smile.

You take her by surprise once in a while,
You think that’s what it takes for you to see her smile,
You’re only concerned with what’s between her thighs,
You’re so romantic you make her cry

See her smile,
Once in a while

You give her all that you think she wants,
While you satisfy your needs,
But the crack in her smile, as you pierce her inside,
Shows the murderous side of her dreams


Nothing In Life That’s Worth Having Will Not Be Taken Away

There is some thing deep inside you and there is some thing inside me
But it cannot go any further without being able to see.

Turn on the light - now, that’s better… Everything now in full view
We need to see what we’ve got here

To know what we’re going to do.

Nothing in life that’s worth having will not be taken away

Friends, Lovers, Possessions – all will be removed
Experiences, Information, Freedom, Power and YOU

A Slapdash Affair

I'm one disaster after another
You shouldn't let me meet your Mother
Like poison I'm tasteless
I'll corrupt you inside
Press my flesh and you'll wish you had died

Why is my life such a Slapdash Affair?
Badly put together without due care
Examine it closely and it all falls apart
I'm a car-crash victim But I'm proud of my scars

My Hairstyle's a mess
I don't know how to dress
I don't know what I like, so I just usually guess
Who knows where I'm going?
Or where I have been?
Am I straight? Bi-Curious?
Or Queer, like the Queen?

I killed all my friends off but I never meant to, really
I just get excited and act a bit silly
When I really, truly like someone I hold my breath
And before I know it, 'oops'
And I've hugged them to death...

I did something good but it turned out bad
I tried to make you happy but I just made you sad
I say something right but it comes out all wrong
I'm trying to keep going but I'm not all that strong
I made something pretty but it all fell apart
When I get near the end I find myself at the start
I try my hardest to smile but something's in the way
There's something very wrong with myself today...


When I was alone, and I'd never met you
Things just seemed more clear.
Everything would take a turn for the worse
Whenever you were... Anywhere.

My life has gone wrong cos I've known you too long
And I won't hear your pleas, so please go away.
You make me feel sick with your fantastic wit:
What more need I say?

Nothing at all will change my mind
How could I have been that blind?
No one will ever make me see
Any point in letting you near me

It makes me feel glad that you were a Fad
Now I'm devoid of you
I never wished for any of this
Theres only one thing left to do...


There is no Glamour in violence.
There ain't no joy in Death.
I hate the taste of the Human race
That's stifling my breath.

But wait till you see whats coming
It's a sight for sore eyes
You won't believe it until you see it
Say Goodbye
You won't believe it until you see it
"But you'll just DIE...!"

Some may find it hard to live
Without all these machines,
But sleep tight tonight
For very soon you'll see what 'progress' means

It may seem that we're lost,
That these are our last days.
But amongst the Flash
And Trailer Trash
We'll live; for today.


Say something: anything at all
Let's see you try to keep me enthralled
I really admire your inspiring words
And the way you come out with things I've never heard

Intelligence hasn't left you behind
So come on: lets hear you speak your mind
I'm so impressed by your eloquence
I could learn a thing or two from you...

You get away with murder
But you know you'll get no further
Because you're such a loser
Oh 'Seig Heil, Mein Fuhrer'...

Fuck yourself with your ridiculous views
I'm bored and you're worthless
And the few like me who disagree that you're God
Well, We'll go to Hell
Which is just as well...


I've been cut open wide
now there's nothing inside
Its all there spread on the floor
In front of my eyes for everyone to despise
Well, HOW could I ask for more?

Don't you dare try to touch me.
How do you think I feel?
I'm going to do to you what you've done to me
But it will be twice as real.

I'll Violate you

Now I'm turned inside out
I don't care about who you tell
You see, I've nothing to lose
And I know what to do to people like you...

We Have An Agenda

Cross unsuitable subjects off a list
Erase all irrelevant information
No detail must be missed
Answer the questions: A, B or C
Question one complete
Now move on to questions two and three

Girls and Boys don't want to play
How many people can I have today?
Don't think this doesn't mean you
There's no escape whatever you do

Do they fulfil all the criteria?
Are they qualified?
Or is there room for improvement here?
Everything must be correct and in perfect order
Anything less is unacceptable
And compromise leads to failure

Some see this behaviour as selfish and paranoid
That complicated manipulative techniques
Should not be employed
But if you know what you want
Then you can get what you want
What's wrong with a bit of analysation
and some persuasion of the population?

When We Go, We Go Together
(For Tiger)

The things I do for you,
are the things you do for me
I get so angry for you
For the hand that fate has dealt you
But I won't let that get in your way
I won't let that get in your way,
I won't let them get in your way
If they do then I'll make them pay...

I knew that life was hard
And that we sometimes pull bad cards
But nothing could prepare me
For what was coming
Together but apart
I knew it from the start
That only you could save me from myself

When you choose to give
You give it all away
For you I'm always here
Just like Luke and Leia
So, when we go we go together...

You're an incandescent star
A neon Ultra-nova
You're the realest living soul
Who deserves the whole world
We'll go and live in Berlin someday
Move away from all of the pain
End our lives with crack and opium
But until then you'll see
We'll show them.

Is Normal Abnormal?

Sub-standard piss-poor people, bland and pointless soap opera scenes
Diluted ideals regurgitated, vomit forth from TV screens

Saying and screaming the same old things
The usual lies about everything, like Fashion, Religion and Deviant Sex
The Rich and The Famous, and Life After Death

Is Normal Abnormal: Is Abnormal Normal?

Its the things that you do
Its the things that you say

They use certain weapons to keep us in line
So we live half a life then get bored and die
But there is so much to do, and there is so much to try
And not much more to most people than meets the eye

Nothing Special

You're Nothing Special
You're Nothing New
I've seen it before
Done better than you

You're Nothing Special
You're Nothing to me
You're Nothing to anyone
And never will be

You're not much to look at,
You've got nothing to say
You're boring and pointless, so get out of my way
'Cos I'm something special,
I'm something else,
I'm also not you - which definitely helps

You're Nothing Special
You're Nothing at all
I cannot wait
To see You fall

You're Nothing Special!

I've seen it before, done better than You
I hate everything You do
You're a waste of effort, and a waste of my time
A walking abortion, and deserve to die

Let's Have Some Fun

Don't try to think: there's no room for thought
Isn't this something that you were taught?
I've never thought that I had a chance, I'm taking the pills I need to dance
I'm as good as dead now I'm in a trance

Concern for others has ceased to exist I'm septic, infected, there's shit on my fist
I'm playing the field while I sit on the fence I'm joining the ranks of the sexually dense
I'm as good as dead now, I've no common sense

It's a 'New Age' but the same as the last

Everyone loves dragging things up from the past
You can flog a dead horse to anyone, Consumers we'll be until thy Kingdom come
We're as good as dead now, so let's have some fun!
Oh, Let's Have Some Fun

Meat Closet

Her number's on the wall of a telephone box
But a mistress in distress is something she's not
You see, She can fake it - She can take the lot,
And She can take you for every damn thing that you've got

If you said that she was just a whore
Well she'd bite your Dick off and throw it out the door
When She's back to front and she's down on all fours,
You'd never guess that She hated you, and that She was so fucking bored

She lives on Pills, Cat food and Cigarette ash,
She's got one eye on the time and one eye on your cash
She knows just what She wants- and what She wants is what she gets
Give it to her and She'll give it to you, but She'll have no regrets


I taste like Polypropylene, A silicon face with a plastic sheen
I'm a carbonized Robot, A synthesis of what is not
The food I eat is electric blue; I only drink sci-fi pink C02
I communicate via binary, I never sleep and I don't have dreams

Are You A User? Are You being Used? Are You A User? Are You being Used?
Are You the Abuser or are You the Abused? Are You a User?

I was contrived from a tube of cum
A flick of the wrist next generation
The Internet shows me how to behave;
I downloaded my life but forgot to press save!

Sterilized, Immunized, Willingly Hypnotized
Kill yourself with a virtual gun - and then your death, too, can be pointless and numb

Copyright © Roi Robertson/Mechanical Cabaret

©2004 mechanical cabaret