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Our most recent studio album released October 2016, which now comes with extra tracks, exclusively from the Mechanical Cabaret Bandcamp page

Beyond Science And Superstition

Mechanical Cabaret BSAS

Original version of our 2013 album buy

Track listing:

1. Kit Kat  2.Why So Serious?  3. Nothing To Hide  4. I Lost My Friend To A Video Game  5. Detox/Retox  6. The Death Of The Porn Queen  7. It Just Is  8. Well, I Never!  9. Out Of Sync  10. Hold On For Dear Life


Selective Hearing: Best of Mechanical Cabaret 2002-2012 Album


Selective Hearing

All our most popular tracks in one place, including underground club favourite See Her Smile, German alternative chart hit Disbehave, and the original version of Why So Serious? All tracks included were remastered using analogue valve mastering EQ and compression systems, and digitized at 24bit, 96khz, to get the very highest quality.

Track listing:

1.Nothing Special 2.See Her Smile 3.Cheap And Nasty 4.Blank Canvas 5.Disbehave 6.Don’t Murder Me I’m Drowning 7.GBH 8.Pretty Fucked Up 9.Careful, Careless 10.Ne Plus Ultra 11.In Loving Memory 12.Why So Serious?


Damaged Goods Album


Damaged Goods

The third Mechanical Cabaret album, released in 2008. 10 tracks, including the original versions of singles GBH, Careful Careless, and Ne Plus Ultra.

Track listing:

  1. Pretty Fucked Up
  2. My Sex Life
  3. Tabloid Species
  4. Careful, Careless
  5. GBH
  6. Only Ever Now
  7. Subtract
  8. Lost & Found
  9. Ne Plus Ultra
  10. In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory Single


In Loving Memory

Remix version of In Loving Memory, from the compilation of remixes and rarities Disco Vandalism released in 2011.

Track Listing:
1. In Loving Memory - DV800 Remix
2. In Loving Memory - Steve Bellamy Remix
3. My Sex Life - Electrogogo Mix


Ne Plus Ultra Single


The third single from Damaged Goods, released in 2010.

Track listing:
1. Ne Plus Ultra - Exquisitely Extended Version
2. Ne Plus Ultra - Lowpulse Rework
3. Ne Plus Ultra - Lowpulse Rework Dub
4. Pretty Fucked Up (Kunt and the Gang's Castlemayne Remix)
5. The Lunatics Have Taken over The Asylum


Careful, Careless Single


Careful Careless

2nd single from Damaged Goods album, released in 2009. Features an extended mix as well as a Piano and Vocal version of GBH performed by Roi.

Track listing

1. Careful Careless
2. Careful Careless - Fur Coat, No Knickers Mix
3. GBH - Melodramatic Version
4. Pretty Fucked Up - Size Zero Mix


GBH Single



Single released by Major Records in 2009, from the album Damaged Goods.

Track listing:

GBH - Deutsche
GBH - Real Horrorshow Remix
GBH - Real Horrorshow Remix - Radio Edit
When Do I Get To Sing My Way? - Cover version, originally by Sparks


Disbehave Single/EP



Single/EP released by Major Records in 2007, which entered the Top 20 of the German DAC alternative charts, and reached the dizzying height of number 11!


1. Disbehave - Remix
2. Disbehave - Mesh ASBO Mix - Remixed by Mesh
3. When We Go, We Go Together - Lupin & Tonks Version
4. Disbekomputer - Remixed by Komputer
5. Disbehave - Katscan Disco Beaver Mix - Remixed by Martin Katscan
6. Disbehave - Komputer, do what!? - Remixed by Komputer
7. Disbehave - Yellow Mama Remix - Executed by Lowpulse


Cheap And Nasty/See Her Smile Single/EP


See Her Smile Cheap And Nasty

7 track EP from 2004

Track Listing:
Cheap And Nasty - Original
See Her Smile - 7" Cut
Cheap And Nasty - Nag Nag Nag Remix by Johnny Slut/Atomizer
See Her Smile - 12" Uncut
Nothing In Life That's Worth Having Will Not Be Taken Away - Dorothy Parker Abridged Version
Siegessaule - Berliner Mix


Product For Your Insecurity Album


Product Mechanical Cabaret

The second Mechanical Cabaret album, from 2006.

Track Listing:

See Her Smile, Blank Canvas, Don't Murder Me I'm Drowning, Alter Me, I Don't Know Where You've Been, Disbehave, It Will All Come Back To You, Cheap And Nasty, I Discover Love, Give It To Me, Each Day You Die A Little Bit More


We Have An Agenda Album



The 1st Mechanical Cabaret album, released in 2002. Includes the song Nothing Special, which was featured in the Hollywood film Gypsy 83.

Track Listing:
We Have An Agenda
Nothing Special
Meat Closet
Lets Have Some Fun
Mein Fuhrer
Is Normal Abnormal?
A Slapdash Affair
When We Go, We Go Together


Use My Arsehole As A Cunt - Kunt and the Gang: Mechanical Cabaret Remix Single

Kunt and Mechanical Cabaret

Download from Amazon

Our remix of Kunt's most infamous song, which became an actual minor hit in the UK popular music charts! We gave it a special early 80s Mute Records style treatment, as he's from Basildon like Depeche Mode and Yazoo...


Nothing Special

As featured in the American motion picture 'Gypsy 83' (2001). Originally included on the first Mechanical Cabaret album 'We Have An Agenda'


Buy the DVD of Gypsy 83

Buy the Soundtrack to Gypsy 83 ( Metropolis Records)


Meat Closet - Live

'Meat Closet' from the first album 'We have an Agenda' performed Live on Saturday May 16th 2009 at Elektrowerkz in London by myself and Steve Bellamy




'GBH' set to footage filmed and edited together by Graeme Robertson from a Live performance at Electrocide in Preston, 19.04.09

Disbehave - Live

Live at Elektrofest in Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London on Sunday 12th April 2009


Trying to get the right sound...

Me and an EMS Synthi A, filmed during the recording of 'Damaged Goods' by Graeme Robertson, June 2008




Video to the single 'Disbehave' from the album Product For Your Insecurity, 2006. Filmed and made by Catasha Kin on location in London and Ibiza during the summer of 2007


Give It To Me

Video clip from 2007 made by Graeme Robertson for 'Give It To Me' from 'Product For Your Insecurity'

Blank Canvas

Video for the song 'Blank Canvas' from the album Product For Your Insecurity. Made by Martin Katscan in 2006


Is Normal Abnormal?

Video for the song 'Is Normal Abnormal?' from the album We Have An Agenda. Made by Caroline in 2002














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